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Roof cleaning services

Have you ever tried to look at your roof from a “bird’s eye view” for even a moment?
If you were, you would probably notice how much dirt collects on top of it. The roof is constantly exposed to changing weather conditions and chimney sludge. Therefore, it is worth checking its technical condition from time to time and get it cleaned. We are the ones to turn to!

Driveway Cleaning services

Dirty paving stones in front of the entrance to the property, dirty pavement in the terrace, uninterestingly-looking driveway to the house. Certainly, this problem concerns many of us. However, you no longer have to bother with the environment that flaws and spoils your building.

Order the driveway cleaning service from us and you won’t be disappointed!

Brick cleaning services

There are very few materials that look as impressive as red brick does. Before the popularization of concrete, it was the basic building block of all structures. From public buildings, through bridges and walls, to single-family houses. Unfortunately, the passage of time blurs its charm, so it is worth restoring its glow. We are here to do the dirty work for you!

Roof moss removal

Are you struggling with a roof overgrown with moss?
Fear no more we are here!
Moss on the roof is not only an esthetic defect. Its presence, especially paired with algae and mold, adversely affects the tiles, reducing the roof’s life span.
Mosses and lichens most of the time attack roof tiles located on shaded slopes, when the house is close to the forest or in a place sheltered by trees. MOss and lichens are particularly fond of natural ceramic tiles and cement tiles, although they can also appear on ceramic glazed tiles with a very smooth surface. It’s just a matter of time until it spreads.
If the roof is starting to turn unsightly green, you need to get rid of the tarnish!
Moss and lichen might seem just as innocent weeds in a garden, but in fact having a moss infestation, especially in countries with a more damp climate like England, can lead to more serious problems.
The roof tiles can become porous over time due to the weather conditions, and moss can make the problem much worse by collecting in more rainwater which can eventually lead to water getting inside the house. Moss can also potentially lead to fungus infestations which becomes a very serious health issue.
Luckily we are ready for this scenario!
Our team of professionals offers the best roof care services along with moss removal in the whole of Manchester and areas nearby. If your roof has been attacked by the greenery, we will put an end to it!

Roof coating

The roof is one of the most important working parts of a house. Tiled roofs are exposed to many kinds of weather sun, snow, wind, and rain. Although roofs are made to resist all these factors, they will always be affected by them after some time.
One of the issues with roof tiles is that they become porous, which means that over time the rain wears down the paint and protective coating of the tile. The UV rays from the sun also have an effect on the structure of the tiles and make them age faster.
Porous tiles can become a serious concern as it leads to leakage which is exactly why taking care of your roof tiles is absolutely essential.
An amazing way to help out a porous tired roof is to protect it with some protective coating. This has an amazing effect as the coating provides a filling that blocks all of the pores that have occurred on the tiles. This provides a long-lasting effect and not only does it stop the pores from becoming larger but also prevents new pores from forming,
At Roof Cleaning Manchester we provide the best roof coating solution that will do just the trick! We will take the best care of your roof and make sure the roof takes care of you and your family for much longer!

Decking cleaning

Wooden terraces and houses are extremely eye-catching, but they should undergo regular maintenance. Failure to do so will have a negative impact not only on their appearance, but most of all it will lead to the destruction of the wood.
Why is the systematic renovation of the wooden elements so important? Wood, as a natural product is constantly exposed to unfavorable weather conditions such as sun, rain, snow, or frost, which causes natural wear and tear and the loss of its original color which leaves it gray.
Here at Roof Cleaning, we offer great Decking cleaning service in Manchester and surrounding areas. Our team of professionals will take care of your precious wood elements the way they should be taken care of.
Let us do it for you!

Patio cleaning

The issue of cleaning patio slabs each year presents many homeowners with a serious challenge.
How should the terrace be cleaned? What cleaning agents should I use to clean my patio? Luckily these aren’t the questions you should be asking yourself anymore, leave it all to us!
Patio slabs get grimy, dirty, and overgrown with moss over the course of the seasons, we will leave your patio looking pristine! Our team only uses the appropriate cleaning methods for different materials and surfaces, not only is it the most effective but it also protects the material from damage. Our patio cleaning will leave your patio growth, algae, and black spot-free.
If you are looking to have your patio taken care of in the best way possible and you live in Manchester and the areas surrounding, reach out to us and we’ll fulfill your wish!